App Design Proof of Concept
Design, UX/UI, & Watercolor Illustration Cole Edmonson
Project Consultant Phillip Nguyen

a sample watercolor splash created for Utterance

Human speech can be so beautiful and yet so messy… How often do we find ourselves saying, "um, uh, like, so, y'know…"?​​​​​​​ We all want the ability to express ourselves well and enjoy confidence in our speech.
What if there was a helpful and encouraging tool to improve our speech habits?

many of us struggle with speech habits we find embarrassing… but what if there's a solution?

a sample user story: the Utterance app solves a real problem

​​​​​​​Utterance is a proof-of-concept app designed by Good Fruit Creative. The envisioned app improves the user's consciousness and confidence in their spoken communication by monitoring their speech habits and offering focused feedback in a gentle, encouraging way.​​​​​​​

the app gently measures the user's progress over time through a series of question prompts

Painted watercolor-splashes symbolize the messy and beautiful self-expression that is our speech, while delicate typography represents the thoughtful refinement we seek.

users select from a variety of session types and view their achievements afterwards

Utterance: helping users feel more relaxed, confident, and persuasive in their speech.

sharing one's results with friends

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