Brand Identity Proof of Concept
Creative Direction & Design Cole Edmonson
Project Consultant Rory Phillips

the logomark

​​​​​​​The cinema industry is in decline. As home video technology improves, high-quality motion pictures can be quickly and cheaply accessed through the Internet; why should people still pay to visit the theater?
The moviehouse does have some advantages that are hard to enjoy anywhere else: the big screen, the newest flicks. A few big theaters even have novelties like 4DX or IMAX so they can add surcharges to each ticket; however, very little effort has been spent in unifying all of the various special features to create a rich and fully-immersive experience for viewers.
Cinemas are struggling to survive, given that they can only keep their doors open by selling popcorn and sweets; the actual ticket sales go toward movie studios. Unable to afford the cost of providing a better experience, most theaters are reacting defensively by lowering ticket prices and cutting corners wherever they can. This simply reinforces the idea that “going to the movies” is a cheap commodity, and the industry continues in its downward spiral.
But what if cinema was different? What if it was compelling again?

the Immersion experience is powered by sensory stimulation

Immersion Cinema is a proof-of-concept to take the movie viewer’s experience back to the top. By investing in state-of-the-art technology at the outset, the new luxury theater brand would be able to provide a compelling and cohesive experience that would make 'going to the movies' exciting again.
The Immersion setup allows for a fully immersive, sensory envelope that takes moviegoers to a new level of visual realism and storytelling depth that they’ve never even imagined possible. Not even modern virtual reality headsets can compete in recreating the appearance of real life, the feeling of movement, the sensation of smell, and so on.


The Immersion website allows moviegoers to browse all of the theater's current offerings and and special features (including trivia, trailers, production featurettes, and more). Users with the annual VIP membership plan get access to even more premium content.

admission ticket and VIP Member card

The standard Immersion admission ticket provides access to a single film showing, while the VIP Member card is a reusable admission, a reserved parking pass, and a reward-points system.
Both the admission ticket and VIP Member card may be scanned by the facility's smart elevators, allowing the elevator system to take the user directly to their movie's dedicated auditorium and simplifying the moviegoer's experience.

lobby display: Now Playing

Each of the theater's foyers and adjoining hallways are illuminated by glowing color panels that are synchronized to ambient music. Large-format screens show previews, showtimes, and concessions advertisements.

Immersion Portland Tower 7 at Pioneer Place, 340 SW Morrison Street

The flagship Immersion facility, Portland Tower 7, is 722 feet tall and includes six underground parking levels, a ground floor for its main lobby, and seven ascension levels, each of which is an eight-story movie auditorium. The tower incorporates twelve elevators and two large spiral staircases to ease navigation.

floor plans – Portland Tower 7

IMMERSION Portland Tower 7 sports a large underground parking garage, stretching six levels under the downtown streets, that holds hundreds of cars. 
The street level of the theater comprises the main lobby, which is the wayfinding nexus of Portland Tower 7. Visitors may take any of the eight smart elevators that are dedicated to the ascension levels or enjoy a scenic view from the spiral stairs.
Each of the seven auditoriums occupies its own floor in the skyscraper and is about eight stories tall, allowing Portland Tower 7 to offer the largest screens in town. Each row is several feet above the last, giving every person in the auditorium a perfect and unobstructed view from their motion-enabled seats.

taking cinema to greater depth

Immersion is the dream experience for moviegoers. Every aspect of cinema has been carefully reengineered and optimized for the audience, no expense spared. 

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