Booklet Design Proof of Concept 
Design & Copyediting Cole Edmonson
Project Consultant Julianna Johnson
Source Text & Imagery Provided

Flying Machines, a book powered by history

Balloons, Airships, and other Flying Machines is a look back in time at the early years of aircraft and the daring pioneers who flew them. The booklet project came with an eclectic mix of antique images (etchings, paintings, and photography).
How could a disjointed variety of source material could be seamlessly combined to tell the story of old-fashioned, flying explorers?​​​​​​​

the opening 'table of contents' spread

In bringing all the old content together, the trick was to make them come to life, to 'go bold' and let the flying machines fully interact with the layouts. For the sake of consistency, all imagery was converted to greyscale, and yellow was chosen for the headings and sideline copy, due to its vibrant energy. 
Overall, the booklet's text is light, the layouts airy, the headings bold, and the color optimistic, just like the dawning days of aviation!

the 'Gliders' section, emboldened with a dramatic, full-bleed portrait of Otto Lilienthal

A droll compilation of old stories about eccentric people who did bold things in the sky…

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